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Easy Ways on How to Make Traditional and Digital Marketing Work Together

Posted last May 30, 2017, 8:06 am in Business report article


Traditional and digital marketing strategy might seem like two different aspects nowadays, but it would be a mistake to manage these strategies individually. Marketing becomes most successful only when you streamline all activities and work closely together to achieve the common objective of funneling leads to sales and improving your brand and business.

Traditional marketing strategies like television ads, billboards, print materials, and mailings all have great success rates historically. However, recently, the success rates for these methods have been dropping, and the resolution seems to be integrating these traditional marketing methods with digital marketing methods.

Though digital media is comparatively new when compared to the past of traditional media, digital media can give a business total exposure and boost interaction with their consumers. Marketing through online ads, email lists, or social media is also notably less expensive and more noticeable than traditional media.

When merged, you can enjoy the advantages of both strategies while they compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Some Brisbane SEO specialist recommends these few easy ways that the two methods work together to increase the effect of your marketing efforts.

Active vs. Passive Engagement


Many marketers considered traditional marketing as being passive, while digital marketing requires active target audience. It enables the two approaches to complement each other, working together to reach the intended objectives of the company.

Marketers can make use of the passive experience of watching a television advertisement or scanning past a magazine ad by providing a particular call to action to the customer that can promote more active engagement on the digital channels of brands.

While print advertisements and televisions are beneficial in spreading information, they can also include a message to search for more details on a website like a “call to action.”

For example, Coca-Cola is a company who consistently does an excellent job integrating new online bonuses. The “Share a Coke” campaign allowed consumers to look for their names and the names of their friends on the bottles.

The labels also contain hashtags that motivate consumers to share photos of the targeted product, from which they can tag their friends in their posts in social media. Coca-Cola was able to capture their customers actively through this marketing strategy, which is a combination of traditional and digital media.

Multiple Channels


Incorporating traditional and digital marketing strategies allows the message of your company to get disseminated across various channels. Some media channels work better than others depending on the target market. Although everyone got exposed to all different forms of media, your younger viewers are likely to be more tech savvy.

By utilizing both techniques, your business can gain more potential customers. McDonald's is an example of a company who is using multiple outlets to their advantage. This fast food chain is using print ads and billboards to lure the attention of possible customers but also has a powerful online presence, particularly through social media.

It allows their message to achieve all types of clients that they might not reach if they only stick to one channel.

Deliver a Personalized Experience

Traditional marketing is also a very successful way to target customers based on demographic data like age or location, as well as psychographics such as lifestyle and interests.

However, marketers can take this one step forward with digital marketing because it’s the only mass marketing channel that allows you to personalize the experience instantly and communication in real time. When a customer ended up on a landing page for a digital offer, marketers can utilize registration data to make each experience even more applicable for the consumer actively.

For example, if you understand that the essential aspect a customer with children takes into consideration when buying a car is safety, you have the capability to provide a customized message that can surely resonate with them than with a single individual who only thinks about the price.



While digital marketing appeared in recent years as a profitable way to drive marketing results, it’s critical for brands and businesses not to disregard traditional strategies that can help expand and upgrade campaigns to the next level. Depending on your primary objectives, it is also necessary not to see traditional and digital as an “either” proposition. Instead look at the two of them as a chance to attract customers holistically.