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How to choose best trampoline for my kids?

Posted last August 26, 2015, 6:07 am in Stores report article

Big braod brush marketing isn't authentic or tailored to individual families.

 Choosing the best size trampoline for your kids can be something of a mine field with every website you visit telling you that their trampoline is the best, the safest and gives the highest bounce etc.

  • And yes this could be true in certain situations, but is their trampoline right for your kids?
  • What does the best mean?
  • What does the safest mean?

Marketing terms as such, are used loosely and this gives doubt to customers as to who to trust.

At Web and Warehouse - we have the biggest trampoline display in Australia with hundreds of kids and families regularly visiting and giving us feedback on our 18 trampolines.

The conclusion over the years observing and talking with families at our display; we can draw on our experience and safely say every trampoline is the best trampoline for someone. Our display consists of both round and rectangle trampolines of our own Web and Warehouse brand and also the Vuly Trampoline brand 

Many consumers believe the biggest and the most expensive trampoline is best, this thought really can blind people from the reality, the biggest and most expensive trampolines really aren't suited for too many families at all.

Parents and kids arrive at our display often with the biggest and most expensive in mind only to find that the bounce isn't as good for them as they would have liked. If kids don't get a bounce that is like a pendulum and giving a self perpetulating bounce then they use up too much energy too quickly and will only stay on in short bursts. 

Parents generally want to get a coffee down, prepare dinner or feed a baby while kids are on the trampoline, if the bounce is too heavy for them meaning they are too light then they tire and get off all too soon!!

Each family has different things to consider after the 2 biggest items, available space and budget.


  • Often space determines the trampolines and we always say a trampoline of any size is better than no trampoline. Nothing is going to use the kids energy and playful creativity in a small space more than a small trampoline.
  • Ages of all kids in the family should be considered, all their abilities and gender.
  • Do the kids do gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, snowboarding, trampolining, basketball, or are they just happy freestyle jumpers. 
  • Consider how many kids there are in the family,
  • How many kids are likely to want to be on together?
  • Are your kids social or generally play on their own?
  • What are their weights?
  • Will they want to choose achieving height over space or want space more then height?


With more questions in your mind now than when you first began reading, you will find on our website an honest appraisals of who each trampoline will be best suited to, when space and budget are not a consideration.

choosing the right trampoline is important for kids safety as well, if they are on a trampoline that is too big and heavy for them they won't get the height required to poperly clear the mat when doing a flip and have a greater chance of serverely injuring themselves.

So we advise you to take the time to choose with your kids in mind and not follow marketing slogans without considering your families unique situation.