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How to Replace a Muffler

Posted last April 4, 2013, 3:34 am in Autos report article

  A muffler is a device that is used to reduce the amount of noise produced by the engine exhaust. By this definition of a vehicular muffler, one can easily point out the essence of replacing a muffler. Why mufflers produce noise is because oil particles or other materials like dust or rust pile up from the engine of the vehicle and to its interior parts. In many cases, a muffler’s quality is deduced when the vehicles runs over a hard or sharp object. The damage caused to the muffler may be a hole or if not, the whole muffler may collapse. A damaged muffler cannot be fixed anymore and if it can be fixed, the vehicle may not operate like how it did before. To be wise, it is a more viable option that you opt to replace your vehicle’s muffler. What this whole article will show you is how to change your vehicle’s muffler on your own. Thus, helping you reduce costs and save efforts. Step #1: PreparationGather all the tools and equipments you will be using. What you may be needing are:•    a ball pen hammer•    wrenches•    a vehicle jack and jack stands•    wheel blocks•    muffler sealant•    2 exhaust clamps•    Penetrating oil•    Protective glasses and safety glovesThese tools and equipments may be rented out at a vehicle parts store. Also, it is important to note that you will need to make sure that the frame does not fall by putting the jack and the jack stands under the frame and by putting the wheel blocks under the rear wheels.Step # 2: Remove the damaged muffler1.    Make sure that your vehicle is parked on a hard and leveled surface before removing the muffler.2.    Adjust the jack onto a low level until the whole of the vehicle is placed on the stands.3.    Locate the muffler which will be in front of the rear wheels, just behind the converter that is behind the engine.4.    Liberally spray the penetrating oil.5.    Using a hack saw, cut off the exhaust pipe behind the muffler. 6.    Remove the muffler from th exhaust pipe but be careful as it may have rust and some debris on it. You may need to wear your protective glasses and your safety gloves in order to avoid some uncalled for accidents. 7.    Make sure the the whole exhaust system is in its best condition after removing the muffler. Step # 3: Install the new muffler1.    After ensuring that the new muffler is indeed in a good condition, you can now install the new muffler by reversing the steps above.2.    Smooth and split the ends of the pipe connecting to the muffler. 3.    Keeping still the old hangers, mount the new and functional muffler. 4.    Now that the new muffler is installed, remove the jack stands and the wheel blocks that was used to keep the vehicle from moving. 5.    Test the muffler by going for a test drive.    A highly recommended repair shop is at Maroochy Exhaust Centre.  This innovative shop tailors the needs of its customers may it be repairs such as muffler repairs or exhaust repairs and many others. Shops are located at Maroochy Exhaust Maroochydore and Maroochy Exhaust Sunshine Coast in the beautiful city of Queensland, Australia. Good luck on your attempt to replace your muffler. Enjoy a hassle-free ride! Questions? Visit their website at now!