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Learn to Ensure Hygiene of Office Water Coolers for Best Health

Posted last June 13, 2012, 1:41 am in Health report article



The importance of drinking pure and hygienic water is not left unknown to anybody in today’s world. It is in fact, not only about having proper arrangement of water cooler and filtration system at home but equally in the working places and offices as well because the diseases that take place from contaminated water can begin at the work place too. Hence, it is an immensely important duty on the part of the management body of the office to ensure the supply of safe drinking water and keep its employees healthy and fit through the setting up of office water coolers.


While considering setting up a water filtration system at the workplace, the types of the water coolers and its compatibility too needs to be judged. Although the water dispensing systems, bottled and drinking water fountain are good to be set up in the office premises, the latter option is considered more reliable and safe. Bottled water filtration system wastes time, energy, manpower and the environment as well because the bottles need to be destroyed once their usability exceeds. So, the office water coolers prove to be the right option. But as these too are prone to get germ attacked and unhygienic; proper steps and actions will have to be taken to sanitize these after setting it up in the office.


One of the frequently and commonly found issues with the contamination of the drinking water filtered by the water filter cum cooler is that it is prone to building up biofilm and bacteria. The most important reason for the water purifier being affected by biofilm and bacteria is that the water taps of the water dispensers are not properly cleansed. Ensuring a good and clean state of the water tap and sanitising it is very important as that will save the water from getting contaminated. It gets easily attacked and infected by germs and bacteria simply because these are made of softer plastic. Also, when an ill person touches the tap by his dirty fingers during the days of his cold or flu, there can be no reason for germs not to spread to the tap.


The best way to handle this issue will be to properly clean the taps at a regular and fixed interval using special anti-bacterial wipes. Sanitisation of the taps should also be done through sanitising liquids. A kind of Peroxide sprays too is available and these are pretty effective at killing bacteria. So, the office staff too will have to be guided and trained to take the possible cautions on their part so that they can prevent fast infection of the water taps by bacteria and biofilm.


A regular sanitisation of the office water coolers along with the tap is very essential. In case of the bottled water dispenser the gap of professional sanitisation should be after or within every 3 months and in case of the POU water coolers, the gap should be 6 months. In fact, if sanitization can be done at a period less than the said ones then that is always welcome to keep the water filters disinfected. Sometimes, the taps are found infected by biofilm in spite of santisation through sanitizing liquid and in that case, the taps should be replaced with pre-sanitised ones and the infected taps should be sent for disinfection.

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