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Carpet Fabric Protection FAQ

Posted last May 17, 2012, 9:57 am for Carpet Cleaning Parramatta in Services report article

A common problem customers usually ask is should one get carpet protection for their carpets following regular steam cleaning. Often carpet cleaners will suggest to their customers to get fibre protection, however people are frequently shocked by the price. While standard steam cleaning costs about $2.5 per square meter, fabric protection can cost as much as $5 per square meter. Which means customers may possibly expect to pay an additional $500 to protection 100 yards squared, after already spending $250 on steam cleaning. 


What does fabric protection involve?

Fabric protection involves the application of a chemical substance to carpets. This chemical acts in a similar way to Teflon. Which means any leaks of liquids onto the carpet are not absorbed in to the fibers and can be wiped off quickly without the need for any specific treatments. Fabric protection can only be used following heavy cleaning, because the compound won't conform well to rugs that are ruined.

The substances in the fabric protection solution reject equally water based stains and oil based. Rather than being absorbed into the carpet, any leaks often form drops at first glance. There are many manufacturers who make these chemicals, with one of the most widely known being Scotchgard by 3M. The Scotchgard solutions are designed more for DIY use, however you can find similar solutions made by others for commercial purposes.

Just how long does carpet protection last?

The period of protection varies between the various suppliers. Typically fabric protection lasts about 24 months. Regular deep cleaning will tend to reduce the duration of effect and in general it's recommended to reapply after every second clean. Which means a family that gets their carpets deep washed every 1. 5 years will have to apply carpet protection once every three years. Standard vacuuming can actually help to extend the life of the carpet protection, since dust that accumulates will breakdown the defensive power of the solution.

How is it used?

Before applying carpet protection, as with any cleaning compound, the answer must be tried on a part of the fibre not openly apparent. The chemical is used after steam cleaning and can usually be employed when the carpet is still damp. The solution is usually diluted with water and sprayed onto the carpet using a vaporizer. Many manufacturers recommend employing a carpet rake to work the chemical deep into the carpet fibers.

Is it important?

Carpet cleaning is never required, however most pleased household managers may wish to get their carpets professionally treated. Fabric protection isn't an absolute'must', nonetheless it will certainly help prevent permanent staining particularly in people susceptible to staining such as families with young children or dogs and cats. Spots still have to treated promptly, however fibre protectors will make the clean up a lot easier and can significantly reduce permanent discolouration or odour development. Clients who end up receiving carpet protection tend to be surprised by the effects and often leave excellent reviews.