Tuesday, March 19, 2019 12:44 PM
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Fresh and pure water from filtered water coolers in Melbourne city

Posted last May 3, 2012, 11:37 pm in Health report article


With the scorching sun burning damn hot during summers, just a glass of cold water can do a hell good and zap off all the heat from the head. Once the head is cool, it performs its functions smoothly. Hence, just a water cooler can help our mind function peacefully.


Thousands of years ago, traversing back to the time of early man, there were no such provisions such as water coolers or water filters back then. Every creature used to drink whatever they found on earth in the oceans or rivers just like that, no filtration and no cooling. Also there was no need of filtration as there was no pollution. But when you see the world today, everything has changed.


People are struck by various diseases even if they drink RO purified water. The reason behind this is pollution and rapid evolution of new technologies that evolve a cloudy monster which eats up the layer of protection around us leaving us in a danger zone or vulnerable zone.


Two molecules of hydrogen combine with one molecule of water to form what we use to quench our thirst. Water is an essential unit of our life and must be utilized efficiently so as to help avoid the situation of scarcity. Every single drop counts, hence it is important to minimize wastage of water and encourage water harvesting techniques such as rain water harvesting.


During summers it is hard to survive without a water cooler. A glass of water is just sufficient in order to beat the sun heat. There are many different types of water coolers available in the market and they come in different shapes and prices with different features. Some are just coolers and some are advanced water filter coolers. The crested water coolers are the one which employs latest water cooling technologies are a little expensive.


The water helps proper functioning of our body and also helps in bowel movement. Our body requires a certain amount of water in order to function properly. Also, our body follows perspiration or sweating, a process by which body loses water in a certain amount which again requires refilling of water. Hence it is generally advised to drink as many litres of water as one can to attain equilibrium among various body functions.


During winters there is no need of chilled water of course but in order to survive the boiling and blazing summer it has become necessary to have a water cooler in houses, schools, offices and everywhere. One cannot satisfy one’s thirst with water boiling 100 degrees, neither will 0 degree frozen molecules of water will do any good. The water cooler at a specific temperature generally helps which is not too cold and not too hot, moderate would be the correct word in here.


The water that one carries to school, college, office or anywhere else does not remains cool for a long time hence, nowadays, there are water coolers installed everywhere. Many public places such as temples, restaurants, etc. also have this amenity.


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